Work Package 2

Developing an improved understanding of the pools and fluxes of soil organic carbon following land use change to bioenergy crops

Leader: Saran Sohi, University of Edinburgh

Contributors: University of Edinburgh, CEH, University of Aberystwyth, Warwick HRI, Imperial College

WP2 Objectives

  • Quantify effects of soil type, site environment and management on SOC for 100 bioenergy crop sites.
  • Develop framework to link qualitative 13C pulse chase results to process-based models.
  • Quantify turnover, emission and accumulation of different SOC pools for SRC and Miscanthus under different management, seasons and ages of crops.
  • Develop a carbon budget (inputs and outputs) for Miscanthus following three-five years of land-use conversion from both arable and grassland.
  • Assess biochar augmentation of soil for controlling SOC and GHG emissions.

WP2 Outputs

  • Empirical description of SOC trajectories under SRC and Miscanthus following conversion from arable and grassland
  • Improve understanding of C pathways in the rhizosphere under SRC and Miscanthus.
  • Quantify net C exchange following land-use change from arable / grassland to SRC and Miscanthus.
  • Evaluate biochar as a mitigation tool for SOC and GHG