Christopher J Barnes


School of Life Sciences. 
Gibbet Hill Campus, 
The University of Warwick, 



Tel: +44 (0)24 7657 4251.

Investigating the role of Mycorrhizal fungi within Bioenergy crops

Supervised by Dr Gary Bending (University of Warwick) and Dr Niall McNamara (Lancaster CEH).

Chris will be contributing towards Work Package 2 (Developing an improved understanding of the pools and fluxes of soil organic carbon following land use change to bioenergy crops) within which he will map mycorrhizal fungi underneath Miscanthus and SRC Willow crops. He will then move on to pulse-labelling these crops in order to map carbon flux from soil to plant and eventually belowground. The release of the labelled gas will then be used to estimate the carbon sequestering potential of different soil community members. Soil communities at other sites will also be assessed in order to extrapolate soil fluxes