Dr Francesco Agostini


Soil Science Department,
Rothamsted Research

Tel: 01582 763 133, Ext 2405

Dr. Francesco Agostini is a soil scientist at Rothamsted Research; he holds an MSc in Agricultural Engineering (Plant and Soil Chemistry) and a PhD in Crop and Soil Science (Soil Physics) from Aberdeen University. He worked as a researcher and consultant in different EU countries, his expertise is focused on Nutrient Cycles and movement of fluids and solutes within the soil-water-air system.

Role in Carbo-BioCrop.

Francesco will contribute to the WP1 (Database and Synthesis) and WP3 (Modelling of Carbon Balance and Dynamics), and closely interact with WP2 (Experimental – Carbon Chrono-sequence under energy crops). In specific, he will

  • Design, develop and populate a database from existing available sources (including data from WP2) to supply parameters, initialization inputs and experimental observations to calibrate and evaluate process-based models of carbon turnover under SRC-Willow and Miscanthus (WP3).
  • Contribute to the development of “chrono-pedotransfer functions” for SOC under SRC-Willow and Miscanthus (WP2).
  • Integrate modules of soil carbon turnover into process-based models simulating growth and carbon [and nitrogen] partitioning in SRC-Willow and Miscanthus, and
  • Vice versa integrate growth dynamics of these crops into GHG emission model (DNDC) in cooperation with Dr Junye Wang, North Wyke Research.
Francesco also works in the Microclimates Project, which is led by NCAS using the integrated process-based soil-water-crop models for Miscanthus and SRC.