Dr Rebecca Rowe


BioChar Research Centre
University of Edinburgh
Crew Buildings
Kings Building
West Mains Road

Email: Rebecca.Rowe@ed.ac.uk

Dr. Rebecca Rowe is a research assistant in the UK biochar research centre (www.biochar.org.uk) at the University of Edinburgh. She holds a BSc in Natural Sciences (Open) and a PhD in implications for biodiversity of commercial willow short rotation coppice (Southampton). Her research interests include the impacts of land use change on biodiversity, the links between biodiversity and ecosystem processes, and the carbon foot print of energy crops (LCAs).

Role in Carbo-BioCrop.

Within WP2 Rebecca is responsible for identifying and sampling the Miscanthus and willow SRC plantations that will be used to develop a chrono-sequence for carbon sequestration under these crops. This work will also provided a database for the validation of the models being developed in WP3.