Oral and poster presentations

Projects funded by the ETI and UKERC aim to help inform the role of biomass in UK energy policy.

Aug 22, 2011

Project one: Biomass Value Chain Model (BVCM). Funded by the ETI

ForestGrowth-SRC, used to simulate both SRC Willow growth, will be providing spatially explicit above ground biomass yields for the UK under UKCP09 climate change predictions and out to 2050. The overall aim of the Project is to determine, via the application of a novel modelling tool, bioenergy value chains for efficient low cost renewable energy provision and GHG emissions reductions in the UK, and to assist with spatial planning and demonstration of technologies and chains, both at regional and national level.


Project two: Spatial Mapping and Evaluation of Energy Crop Distribution in Great Britain to 2050. Funded by the UKERC

ForestGrowth-SRC will be used to predict SRC Willow growth and Jules to understand hydrological aspects of land conversion to bioenergy cropping in Great Britain (GB). The aim of the project is to use a whole systems approach to explore spatial aspects of bioenergy development in the GB to 2050, subject to environmental, economic and social factors. Geographical constraints to the planting of bioenergy crops in GB identified in this project will be used to inform the ‘carbon opportunity mapping’ proof of concept component of Carbo-BioCrop.