Measuring the carbon footprint of a bioenergy crop - report from the BBC.

Oct 31, 2012

The Carbo-BioCrop project moves into full swing with the completion of perhaps the largest pulse-chase experiment ever undertaken to track the path of carbon in the bioenergy crops, Miscanthus and Willow SRC. This experiment was delivered in partnership with the Energy Technologies Institute funded ‘Ecosystem Land Use Modelling’ project (ELUM).Watch, listen and read about Dr Niall McNamara and co-workers, discussing experiments carried out at the Lincolnshire energy crop farm used in Carbo-BioCrop as reported by the BBC. Find the article here.

The use of this site is discussed in relation to the wider work of the ‘Ecosystem Land Use Modelling’ project (ELUM) involving a UK wide soil sampling of energy crop sites to determine how much carbon is locked in the soil as the crops grow. The project will develop a better understanding, alongside the sister Carbo-BioCrop project of greenhouse gas fluxes in energy crops compared to use land-uses such as arable and grassland. A network of flux sites has been established to make measurements that will help to validate modelled data on the carbon footprint of energycrops.