Oral and poster presentations

Fifth International Poplar Symposium

Oct 15, 2010

This conference in Orvieto, Italy was the largest gathering of leading poplar and willow scientists from around the world since the group last gathered in Nanjing, China in 2006 for the Forth International Poplar Symposium.

The Fifth International Poplar Symposium was structured under seven themes:

Theme 1: Population genetics, biodiversity evaluation and conservation of genetic resources.

Theme 2: Poplar genomics for breeding and selection.

Theme 3: Poplar biotechnology for a low-carbon society.

Theme 5: Poplars and the environment; how much green is green?

Theme 6: Plant metabolism and plant-pest interactions: lessons to improve pest and stress resistance.

Theme 7: International cooperation for poplar research and applications.

During this conference we also learned more from

1. A Swedish study into a "Life Cycle Assessment of the Green House Gas balance of bio-energy systems" given by Leif Gustavsson from the Department of Environmental and Energy System Studies. Lund Universit, lund, Sweden.

2. A recently started study in Belgium 'POPFULL' presented by Reinhart Ceulemans. This field study aims to provide a full balance of all greenhouse gases, of energy and of economic profitability of an operational SRC plantation of poplar and willow. Further details can be found here (POPFULL info sheet).