Dr Iain Donnison


Aberystwyth University
SY23 2AX
United Kingdom

Office: PT Thomas Building, Gogerddan
Email: isd@aber.ac.uk
Phone: 0044 (0)1970 823092

Dr Iain Donnison is leader of the Bio-renewables & Environmental Change Research Division. His main research is in molecular genetics and genome organisation of temperate and tropical grasses. Development and exploitation of genetic and genomic tools for the study of bioenergy and forage associated quality traits in Miscanthus, Lolium and related species.

Within Carbo-BioCrop.

Aberystwyth University is establishing a commercial scale (minimum 6.25 ha) Miscanthus site (Plots to Power project) at its University farm this will contribute to Workpackage 2. The dataset for CO2 using flux towers and parallel static chamber measurements for CO2, N2O and CH4 implemented at Aberystwyth will be compatible with the dataset from the Lincolnshire field sites.