The multi-disciplinary team of Carbo-BioCrop has strong expertise in SRC and Miscanthus research. This covers breeding and improvement, modelling of biomass production, and soil carbon turnover, microbiology, long-term field trials with eddy covariance flux systems measuring CO2 and H2O exchanges and static chambers for measuring trace green-house gas emissions.

The Carbo-BioCrop project will use existing process based models originating from climate science (JULES) crop science (DNDC) and Miscanthus (BEGRASS) and SRC productivity (ForestGrowth-SRC). The models will be parameterized and validated with field and lab studies including, for example; Greenhouse gas fluxes, 13C tracing, soil microbial biomass, litter decomposition, and a time series of biochar augmentation. These improved models will be used to estimate the effect of land-use change to second generation energy cropping on UK carbon emissions.

The Carbo-BioCrop project is organised into three interconnected work packages. Overall coordination is from The University of Southampton. A description of each work package is given here. WP1, WP2 and WP3 and the work flow can be seen in this figure.